Friday, May 19, 2006



So I have like 5 minutes to myself. I have been double dipping lately. I work at the "Gulag" Monday thru Friday noon to nine then I drive 30 minutes south to bake bread until between one and two. I usually get home between 130 and 230. To bed between 2 and 3. Up at 930-10. All over again. The lady and I spent 30 minutes together, both awake, yesterday for the first time in 4 days. Last nught I got home at one, I slipped out early, and was in bed by quarter after. I don't even remember getting into bed. I slept until I woke up at 10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I am having the time of my life!!
The "Gulag" is losing it's shine for me. I snapped on a lady wednesday. She was whinig that our finance charges were illegal. I said no, it's perfectly legal and common. She then yelled for me to give her my real name so she can take me to the better business bureau and the attourney general. I said fine and told her. I also told her that because it was 5 dollars and 87 cents, I would waiver it for her. She started yelling, see see you wouldn't waive it if it wasn't illegal!! I tried as hard as I could not to say it but I blurted out, "Ma'am, it's not that it's illegal it's that it's 5 dollars and 87 cents. I can go home and find that in my couch cushions!" The call ended very soon after that.
I hate people.
I am trying to do the Hike for Discovery thing for the Luekemia and Lymphoma Soceity. You raise 3900 dollars for the Soceity and then hike into the Grand Canyon. I am waiting to hear back from the "Gulag" as to whether or not I can solicit donations at work. I hope so because 3900 dollars is not chump change.
Well, my five minutes got extended to 7 and I need ot go do laundry.
SOX still in first!!

Friday, May 12, 2006



So the Red Sox took two out of three from the Evil Empire. That makes me happy. Nasty injury for the Yanks, though. Matsui, their left fielder, was making a sliding catch and his glove looked like it caught the grouns wrong and snappo. He is having surgery today. Nastee.
Work is work. I would like to say it is going well but not. We have to sell certain things that quite frankly, I am not overly comfortable with selling. Credit card insurances, personal loans that can cause people to become more indebted. I know and have preached that people make their own decisions to become indebt and over extended but I also think that sometimes the oppurtunities are coming too quickly and easily. As a for instance. If you have, say, 15000 in credit card debt. 2 car loans of about a total of 25000. A home loan of 100000. And you have a total household income of 60000. And I tell you we can do a home equity loan, roll all of your debt into one payment and make it mostly tax deductible, you would, chances are, take it. So now, you have a home loan of 150,000 (10k for "home improvements" that never get done). Will you stop using your credit cards? For a while maybe. Then you call to ask what your rate is and I offer you 15000 into your checking account at 2.99 for 7 months. You say well, I am trying to cut back but maybe 10000. So now you have 10000 for those "home improvements". You have made the payments on your equity line but you are still at 95% of the value of the home. Car breaks down, you don't like the color of it or maybe it just isn't stylish anymore, whatever, you go and get a new minivan. 30000. 7 months go by and now your rate is 15.99 on the 9000 you had planned on paying off. Mean while, you have used your other credit cards for the normal things you buy all the time. So, you have your home equitied to 95%, cards maxed out to 32000, a 30000 car loan, and right back where you were a year ago. And now, your debt to income level is almost even(every dollar you make equals every dollar you owe or more) and there is no way you can mortgage anything else in your life to get out of the whole. AND the credit card companies figure that you are now a bad risk and increase your rates to over 25 per cent. If you miss a payment, everything jumps considerably. And you call me for help, and I am expected to try to get you to do it all again. This is not an exaggerration, I get this call atleast 10 times a day.
I had a bad call yesterday. This gentleman called and I noticed his account had charged off. That means he didn't make a payment for 6 straight months and we sold it to a collection agency. He said, well, I have a story. Everyone has a story. He had been out of the country, back to his homeland in South Africa and on his way back into the U.S., he was detained by the INS because his name was on THE LIST. He said he was detained, he said illegally, I don't know or won't guess, for over a year. He was finally released when they figured out it wasn't him. He said he lost his business, his house, his wife, his family, his car and he wanted to know what I was going to do to help him. Yeah. I call over to our collections department that handles charged off accounts and explain the situation, she said, oh that sucks. We can't help him. Call the collection agency. But I start. We can't help him. I call the collection agency to explain, the guy says, is he able to make a payment? I was stunned. Ummm, did you hear anything I said????
Listen, I know we are in the business to make money. I understand that. I am in the business to make money. But we always talk about customer service, customer delight, do the right thing. What was the right thing for this gentleman? I don't know but I think it probably was something other than, can you make a payment today.....
Trust me, I have no issue with INS stopping people at the boarder and checking. I encourage it. But I think if there is an error or mistake we need to make it right. I know I can't make a huge difference but I will try to make a little one.
Hey, the Red Sox are in the lead in the American League East!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Day 2 at the salt mine

ok look. It isn't any more fun now than it was 6 weeks ago. Maybe less so. The attitude that is going around is as pervasive as the Pachoolie (I know I spelled it wrong but who the hell knows how to spell "STENCH") at an Earth First! illegal camp a rama. Yeah, they were here last weekend as well. Oh I missed the oppurtunities there.....
Anyway, It seems that with the changes in goals and such that like 50% of the work force is on some sort of performance notice and noone cares. The other internet support team has had 4 people quit and on our team I know of one person who is going to put notice in and possibly a seond person. And no, it's not me. Yet.
I talked to my supervisor today very frankly and it seems that that is the way it is and if you don't like it, well, maybe this isn't the job for you. Yeah. Supportive.
on a brighter note, we are moving into a bigger place. A three bedroom house with ocean views. Nice nice.
I am really not a blog person. I really don't care what you ate for dinner and how little Johnny blew snot bubbles and the cat ate them and that you went out on a great date with DATE MAN or how your ex is an ass hole(isn't everyone's? and if you are and ex, guess what) oor any of that crap. But, I found a cool one . It's pretty cool. He is a New York City waiter who tells about his days. Very Entertaining.
So my throat feels ok. It was getting sore earlier but I wasn't practicing proper resonance. Like I know what resonance is let alone how to practice it properly. My life. Almost hoping it blows out again and I have to learn sign language. Or better printing skills.
OH!! I found a new cause. See I knew there was something. The Lymphoma and Luekemia Society has this thing call Hike For Discovery. Basically, you get donations and then go and do a major league hike in the name of a victim. I am all over it. There is a meeting in a few days in Boston I am going to try to go to. Sounds interesting anyways.
Poop. I am tired and have run out of thoughts. Magine that?
Be well and let me leave you with this, if Jimmy cracked corn and noone cared, why did he continue to crack corn????

Monday, May 01, 2006


Dave is back, back again

Back to the salt mine. Back on the chain gang. So I worked at the bakery yesterday. I got home at 127 AM. Into bed at 149 AM. Woke her up by accident. I hate when I do that. I feel guilty. But today, a twist. Back to "THE BANK". My surgically induced vacation is over. I didn't do much. But it felt good. I am doing an ease back program. Today and tomorrow will be 4 hours. Wednesday and Thursday will be 6 hour days. Then Friday it's back to 8. I kinda wish I could come up with a way to do something else. With g-f still in school, though, I kind of have to wait. I think that with her graduating next May and entering the workforce and oldest boy graduating from high school and middle son wanting to come and live with me, I think that I will be able to take a step next May.
We are moving to a nice big house the end of the month. Still renting but all the same. I hate moving. I really, really do. She says it will give her a chance to clean out some of her stuff. We are planning a huge yard sale.
Well, I am in need of a shower and psyking myself up to go into the gulag. Peace.

Friday, April 28, 2006



It's been awhile. I have been busy. Says me anyway. I have been out of work since 3/20 with vocal chord surgery. Big old mucoid cyst on the right vocal fold. They went in and took it out. I couldn't talk for a week and then spent the next week in light talk. I went back into work on monday the 3rd of April. Then I have been out ever since.
I must say, not working kinda sucks. I started going cabin feverish. So, I took a part time job as a baker's assistant. I love it. It is a lot of fun. It's the first time I have ever had a job making something. I can see me doing it for a while.
The"bank" on the other hand, I don't think so much. I haven't been in for a month and quite frankly, am a little worried about getting back into it. I ain't into it. They have laid off some people. I volunteered but they didn't pick me.
Personal, things are well. We "rescued" a girl from an abusive relationship. Poor girl. He was beating the living day lights out of her and she has had drug issues off and on. He is a massive druggy as well. He is in jail. He was out on probation for beating the crap out of his first wife. She is easily swayed and apparently did some drugs last weekend and then was smart anough to check into rehab. I really feel for her. Good kid just has massive issues.
I have spent waaaaaaay too much money this last couple of weeks. I have spent about 500 at auctions.
Well, I know this is an unusual post for me but I promise to be better!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Can you hear me now?

Probably not. I had vocal chord surgery on monday. No talkie until atleast saturday. All week off. no talking. Shhhhhhhhhh
I think I am also going to be out next week. The Dr seemed surprised when I explained exactly what I do at work. When someone says they talk all day, people think oh they talk alot. I talk for 8 straight hours. Constant. If I take more than 35 seconds between calls, I get spoken to. I get 15 minutes off the phone twice a day and then an hour lunch.
The Dr seemed shocked and said I should probably have a second week. That will be nice.
I am taking middle son down to the skate park to try to clean it up some and start a log of what needs repairing. He needs some focus. He is like his dad in that we really kind of float thru trying not to bump into things and make it as easy as possible.
I am sorry this is a quickie but I am not feeling well. I will be back on later and see what's up.
Hey, if any one is out there, an occasional hi would be nice to know that someone looks at this.....

Saturday, March 11, 2006



I had plan a long dissertation on my job and how inadequate I feel every day going through the turnstile. I was going to go off an a tangent about terms and words and cliches that are batnied about that no one really knows what they mean. About the little pieces of motivational speeches that are taken out of context and distorted to the point that the author would often times not know that they even said them. I was going to rail about the system being, in general, flawed and exploited. I was going to ramble endlessly about how being a number in a large corporate machine that really treats you only as a number and how easy it would be to hide and how those who are assigned to watch my every move and hear my every word and tell me exactly what to say and then cover their own asses by saying it was only guidance, not a verbatim script because we want you to think on your own only to a certain point and then do as we wish but only how we wish and as long as you further the company goal which is actually to make money kind of sucks. I was thinking about comparing it to the wheel in a hamsters cage.
I was going to go on about how I feel trapped. I was going drole on about how miserable I feel walking into work most days. How dirty I feel when I high pressure someone into taking a product that both I and the person taking the product know is no good to them. How we both do it out of rote.
I was going to talk about a contest that MTV, when they played music, had back in the late 80's early 90's that was called "I Hate My Miserable Life" and how this lady got a Volkswagon convertible Rabbit (weren't they the shit?) because she made it soud like her life sucked more than anyone else's. I can still picture as being a cross between Tootie and Roseanne. I was going to compare that to my life now and how I could probably win a 1989 Rabbit for my story.
No I decided not to go down that road. Stay above the fray. I am too tired of it to discuss it. So I instead inserted "My Open Letter To All Womankind" as a repeat.
Sorry no work bashing today. No discussion of the salt mine. The Gulag is off limits today.


short rant


“You are a nice guy, you really are. It’s not you, it’s me. I don’t think we really met on an emotional level.” It’s the same thing. It’s like it comes from a script. Almost every guy can recite it. The “You’re a nice guy, but…” speech. Every guy has had it used on them. And the kicker of it is that we don’t really think of ourselves as nice guys. Well, not bad guys but nice is just so, blah.

One day you are sitting with her watching a Lifetime movie when you would rather be gouging your eyes out just because she watched the latest Jett Li flick with you. The next day she dumps you. Via email. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too, sugarplum. Or you set another date after what you think was a couple of very nice dinner dates or coffee dates and she calls and says she has the flu. Then she has to work. Then she says she thinks she is falling in love. And you get that double pronged pitchfork of fear in your stomach. One is the thought of, Oh my God; I am no where near ready for that. The other is the immediate next thought that inevitably proves to be true. It’s someone else. Thanks. No really. Thanks. Thanks for not letting me get my hopes up again. Thanks for not letting me hang out there thinking, maybe just maybe.

I think men get a bad rap. We get the insensitive label. We don’t call because it’s easier than actually coming up with reasons not to see you. We could tell you the truth, most guys would prefer that. But who wants to deal with all of the questions? We don’t connect on an emotional level. Yeah, imagine John Wayne using that line.

I don’t hate women. I don’t. I try not to generalize women or try to categorize them. Sometimes it’s hard not to. And if it’s not nice guys that women want, then tell Oprah! Women wonder where we get these ideas of what women want. I read Cosmo, Glamour, and a few other women’s magazines when I am in the bathroom. It is spread throughout those pages. It even bleeds over to our magazines. We are told be sensitive. Talk about her shoes. That was my favorite one. I care about your shoes about like you care about the tires on my car. We are inundated with all of these ideas about how we are supposed to act, what we are supposed to say. There volumes of books and magazines that will fill many a library written solely about what women want. And they are multiplying like tribbles on the Starship Enterprise.

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